Interior and Exterior Auto Detailing Services

Interior Services

Car Odor Removal (Can be added as an existing service)Starting at $125.00
Leather Seat Coating (2 row seating)$299.00
Leather Seat Coating (3 row seating)$599.00

Complete Interior Detail

Car (Sedan, Coupe, Compact)Starting at $225
Small SUV/Compact Pick Up (Rav 4, Ford Ranger)Starting at $250
SUV/Mid-Size Truck (Tahoe, Ford F150 single cab)Starting at $275
XL Vehicle (Suburban, Ford F250 Crew Cab/King Cab)Starting at $300

Services Include

  • Detail all interior hard surfaces, vinyl or plastic, cup holders, and vents
  • Vacuum interior seats, floor, trunk
  • Steam Clean all floor, seats, floor mats
  • Condition Leather seats
  • Spot Clean the headliner and visors
  • Clean door jambs

*Excessively Soiled Vehicles will be an additional charge.

*Pet hair removal will be an additional charge.

*All prices are subject to change based on vehicle’s condition.

*Service is recommended every 3 months.

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